Short Term Finance

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We use one of the most well regarded providers of short term finance and bridging finance available in the market today providing the most cost competitive pricing in the short term finance industry for:
  • Short Term Loans/Unsecured up to $400,000
  • Short Term Loans/Caveat Loans
  • 1st & 2nd Mortgages
  • Bridging Finance
  • Business Expenses & Tax Bills
  • Joint Ventures
  • Small Construction Financing
The process is simple & quick, so contact us now to discuss your needs

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Do You Struggle To Find Value For Fast And Efficient Short Term Finance?

It’s an all too familiar story, you have your own business and you need short term finance to raise capital for growth opportunities, new equipment or a short downturn in cash-flow.

Or perhaps you want to purchase another property or invest in a property development.

Maybe you have investments and assets behind you as fixed security, but the banks are too cautious and won’t back your entrepreneurial spirit…

Sound familiar?

Who do you turn to when it’s too good an opportunity to miss!

Around the world, short term finance is a growth industry where private investors pick up where the major institutions drop away.

Commercial Finance Loans Pty Ltd (CFL) is a leading provider of private finance loans and short term loans in Australia.

Consequently, we pride ourselves most of all on delivering flexible solutions with competitive rates and efficient, compliant loan processing.

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If you have property behind you as an asset, we may be able to help you.

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Premium Finance Services

Loans flexible on drawdowns and repayments where a Gross Realisation Loan is greater than development finance.
Property construction loans for small to medium townhouse or apartment developments.
Secure and competitive property development finance dedicated to Australia’s outstanding property developers.
Property development finance for large sites or land subdivisions and small to medium developments.
There are companies looking for the opportunity to partner on your development where project costs can be covered.
Joint Venture Finance for clients with a site that already has a loan, or has been in the family for some time with no loan on the site.
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